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At Girls With Knowledge, we believe in nurturing the potential of young women through our comprehensive 7 focus areas: self-image & self-care, goal setting, academic achievement, leadership, relationships, stewardship, and community service. By placing emphasis on these crucial aspects of personal development, we aim to empower our girls to embrace their uniqueness and cultivate a strong sense of self-worth. Through guided goal setting, we instill the drive to pursue academic excellence and cultivate leadership skills, fostering their ability to build meaningful relationships and make positive contributions to their community. Our dedicated focus on these areas ensures that our girls grow into successful, productive, and responsible young women, ready to make a positive impact on the world around them.


A Wide Range of Enrichment Programs

At GWK, we take great pride in fostering a nurturing environment for growth and empowerment. Through our carefully curated enrichment activities and workshops, we mentor and uplift girls, empowering them to embrace their unique strengths and potential. Our programs aim to instill confidence, encourage self-expression, and cultivate leadership skills, equipping these remarkable young individuals with the tools they need to thrive and excel in all aspects of their lives. Together, we're building a community where girls can dream big, and we're committed to supporting them every step of the way.



Social Outings & Gatherings
Exposure to the Arts
Health & Fitness Classes
Cooking Classes
DIY Classes
Etiquette Classes


Our monthly weekend workshops are the heartbeat of our mission at GWK. These transformative sessions cover a diverse array of topics carefully tailored to provide an immersive, hands-on experience for our girls. With expert facilitators and a supportive environment, these gatherings offer a safe space for our girls to express themselves, learn from one another, and build lasting friendships. Topics for these sessions include but are not limited to:

Long & Short-Term Goal Setting

Grooming & Hygiene

Health & Nutrition


Conflict Resolution

Healthy Relationships


College & Career Readiness 

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